Care Services

Residential Care

Often referred to as personal care or assisted living, residential care offers a supportive environment for individuals who might require assistance with day-to-day tasks but aren’t ready for full-fledged nursing care.

Nursing Care

Nursing care transcends basic assistance. Spearheaded by our esteemed Registered General Nurses, we address complex needs that go beyond what can be catered to at home.

Dementia Care

As cognitive conditions develop, individuals often necessitate heightened care and support. While we cater to residents whose conditions might evolve over time, we do not admit new residents with advanced dementia. If a resident’s condition progresses significantly, we prioritise their well-being by coordinating appropriate specialised care to ensure their utmost safety and comfort.

Rehab Service

In our facility, rehabilitation care is specifically designed to help residents reclaim lost or reduced mental, physical, or cognitive abilities following surgery, treatment, or injury.

Palliative Care

In our commitment to holistic care, we collaborate closely with GPs and dedicated health professionals to ensure our residents receive the utmost attention and comfort.

Our Care Services

We acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual and strive to respect their choices and preferences.   Whilst we offer support wherever and whenever required we actively support and encourage residents to maintain their independence as far as they are able.  

Our professional, well trained and experienced staff team provides high quality, person centred care to each one of our residents and treats each person with dignity and respect at all times.

On admission each resident, and/or a member of their family if they so wish, will be involved in the development of their Care Plan which reflects the individual’s abilities, preferences and needs.  This Care Plan is totally unique to the individual and forms the basis of their care provision to which all staff will refer, ensuring safe consistency of care.  The Care Plan is reviewed regularly to take account of changing needs. 

Either the Home Manager, Clinical Lead or Residential Lead are always available to you and your family if you wish, to discuss your Care Plan and the care you are receiving, or to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

All residents and their family are invited to a Residents Meeting which are held approximately every six weeks and provides them an opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns or praise for the care being provided,  we always welcome suggestions as to how we might improve on any aspects of our service.  

In recent years we have enhanced our service through the introduction of new technology, Person Centred Software  and Atlas eMAR Paperless Medication System.

Person Centred Software is an electronic care planning system which enables care staff to evidence all aspects of care, from creating and managing person-centred care plans to development and monitoring of risk assessments.  This system has improved accuracy of recording and facilitated a move away from copious handwritten notes and allowed staff to spend more valuable time with the residents. 

Atlas electronic medication system is an alternative to paper-based MAR charts and is proven to increase resident safety, reducing drug errors and improving efficiency.