Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions

Navigating care options can be a challenging journey filled with questions. We understand your concerns and are here to help. For a more tailored discussion on your specific requirements, we encourage you to arrange a call with us.

Together, we’ll find the best way forward for you and your loved ones.

My relative is worried about receiving personal care from a carer of the opposite gender

The care we provide is person centred and we listen to the residents’ preferences and wishes which are detailed in their Care Plan which is available to all care and nursing staff.  Our staff team has been built to ensure there are always enough staff to be able to manage gender preferences. 

What is the ratio of staff to residents

Our staffing levels are flexible to ensure that there are adequate staff, with the right skill mix and experience to meet the changing needs of residents within the home at all times.

If my relative deteriorates will they have to move

As health needs increase and residents begin to require additional support we will always strive to provide the necessary level of care to enable our residents to stay in our home and prevent them having the upheaval and upset of moving to a new environment.  We pride ourselves on our sensitive and compassionate end of life care and support.

Who can I talk to about my relatives’s care

You can raise your concerns with any member of staff who will then report it to the appropriate manager.   Also, on admission your relative will be allocated a Keyworker who will be available to discuss issues with you as they arise and liaise with the team to resolve them.  If the matter is a serious concern then please do not hesitate to speak directly with the Home Manager who will put plans in place to address the matter and communicate her actions to you. 

All concerns are taken very seriously and we would ask that you raise them as soon as possible so that the necessary action can be taken.