Visiting Kimbolton Lodge


We know how important it is for our residents to maintain close contact with their family, friends and loved ones.  We welcome family members and your four- legged friends for regular visits. We have an open door policy and visitors are welcome at any time, we only ask that visitors respect mealtimes within the home and visit either side of these.  If a family member would like to have a meal with you this can be arranged with the catering staff.

In the interests of our residents many of whom are quite frail we would respectfully ask visitors to refrain from visiting if they are suffering from contagious illnesses, cold, coughs, flu etc. 

We do have a Visitors Policy, a copy of which is in the hallway by the Visitors Book and we would ask, in the interest of safety for residents, staff and visitors to the home, that you read and abide by this. 

We also have a policy relating to the giving of gifts to staff and we would be very grateful if, should you wish to do so, you refer to the Home Manager first.