Meet Our Team

Meet the dedicated individuals behind our exceptional care. Their passion and expertise make our home truly extraordinary.

Nicky Smith
Wendy, Lauren & Vinton
House Keeping Team
Charlotte Bird
Stephen Facey
Steph Wilde
Karen, Alex & Liz
Jo Williams
Michelle Wooding

Staff Training & Development

We know that our staff are our greatest asset and through provision of an excellent staff training programme we ensure that they have the skills and confidence to be able to fulfil their roles professionally and deliver the high standards of care that we expect of them.

We operate a robust recruitment process, identifying not only the individual’s qualifications and length of service in previous relevant roles but also assessing their attitude and aptitude for the role for which they are applying.  

During their induction period newly recruited staff complete all mandatory training and shadow shifts with senior colleagues prior to undertaking any shifts.  

All staff who have not previously worked in a care setting complete the Care Certificate within the first three months of joining the team.

Our Nursing staff receive support to achieve Clinical Professional Development and all staff have a comprehensive and continual programme of service specific training. 

Our continual process of staff supervision and development ensures that all staff are highly motivated and have an enhanced understanding of the particular needs of older people and the problems which they may be experiencing.

We are fully recruited and staff turnover is very low, the majority of staff have worked at Kimbolton Lodge for a very long time and we rarely use agency staff unless in an emergency.


Nicola Smith        Registered Home Manager

Andrew Rowe      Owner and Director

Graham Elliott      Director

Elaine Baigrie       Operations Manager